Try Out These Harvard Grad Built Tiny House Getaways
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Try Out These Harvard Grad Built Tiny House Getaways

Try Out These Harvard Grad Built Tiny House Getaways

Alexandra Haley

04:43 PST | Oct 26, 2016

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Not sure you are ready to go full on tiny house lifestyle, but want to try it out for a weekend?  Here is a great opportunity! A new company/concept called Getaway was recently started by future Mark Zuckerbergs- a group of grad students at Harvard’s Innovation Lab.  The idea is that you are just one click away from your own private tiny house where you can escape and recharge.  Currently Getaway is available in remote locations outside of Boston and New York, both about a two hour drive from the cities.   The Getaway houses are located in remote forests where you can disconnect from technology and daily life and connect with nature and/or friends.  Each cabin is only 160 square feet and features the necessary items such as beds, a full bathroom and a stove, and is powered by solar panels to make them eco friendly and efficient.  Guests can choose from a few different tiny house floor plans when they decide to stay in a Getaway.  The Ovida is specifically designed for larger groups - it has two lofts and a sleeping nook, so you can head out of town with some friends to enjoy the time off together.  The Lorraine is a bit smaller and is great for one person to be able to head out of town, clear their mind and get work done.  There is a large work area and a wide window that lets in tons of light.  The Clara is inspired by a tree house, and it has three leveled surfaces.   
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The idea behind the Getaway is to make it as easy as possible for people to head out and enjoy the tiny house lifestyle.  They make it super easy and convenient, so much so that each cabin is fully stocked with food and provisions before guests arrive.  If you are thinking of trying this out, you will be happy to know that the rates are pretty reasonable.  They rent for $99-$109 per night, and they are pet friendly, so if you want to bring your furry friends on the adventure you are more than welcome.  If don’t live anywhere near new York or Boston, sit tight, they are expanding to more cities in the near future.  And to learn more about these Getaways, check out this video from Business Insider
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