Tiny House Hobbit Inn in The Shire

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Tiny House Hobbit Inn in The Shire

Tiny House Hobbit Inn in The Shire

Tiny House Hobbit Inn In The Shire 

Bilbo and his companions continue their journey east and brave many dangers on their way to the Lonely Mountain, culminating in an encounter with the fearsome dragon Smaug… You remember that story right?! How could you not.  It’s the classic J.R.R. Tolkien story The Hobbit that so many of us grew up reading and loving.  We’re sure at some point that you imagined what your own life would be like in The Shire with your good friend Bilbo - in a tiny house nestled underground, living the simple life, right?  


Kristie Wolfe had that same dream, and has since made it a reality at her tiny house in The Shire called @thehobbitinn.  Seriously though, we are not even joking - check it out on Instagram here!  @kristiemaewolfe built this magical underground home and has been renting it out to adventurous couples ever since. She has listed The Hobbit Inn on AirBnB and you can rent it for just $250 a night!

  Kristie describers herself as a Proud Idahoan, a Messy Minimalist, a Skeptical Spiritualist, a Capitalistic Hippie and an Educated Dropout, a Tiny House Builder and Dress Maker. She is passionate about living simply. She built a tiny 97 sq ft home by hand out of sustainable materials several years ago and she still lives there today. In the winter of 2013/2014 she fulfilled a lifelong dream of building her very own treehouse that now she can share with the rest of the world.
The Hobbit Inn is everything you can imagine, and more!  It is a hobbit inspired dwelling nestled right into Columbia River Gorge mountainside of Orondo, Washington. You’ll notice the iconic round doorway, and the breathtaking views that will make your tiny little hobbit eyes grow wider than you could ever image.  You will feel inspired by the magical feelings of adventure that awaits.  Every nook and cranny of this hobbit hole will warm your soul and bring back the childish giddiness you may be in search of.


As you make your way to this humble abode, you’ll travel 2 miles up the mountain.  You may notice some other houses along the way, but fear not - they will disappear as you get close to your home in The Shire.  And while you enjoy your stay here, you will most likely experience the amicable company of your friendly neighbors, who will mostly be deer, rabbits, birds & grouse (oh my!).  There is a parking area at the bottom of the hill and a short but steep hike to the hobbit hole. It's just under a 100 yards and takes less than 5 minutes if you’re physically able bodied.
But don’t just take our word for it! This place to rest your feet has been been quite popular amongst its many guest.  Erik who stayed here just a few weeks ago said “Fantastically adorable hobbit hole. Amazing view. So many fun details. Interior design was really good, and we could tell a lot of care and thought went into the home. We'll never forget this experience.”  Another guest, Iris also had high praises for The Hobbit Inn: “The moment our car crept around the bend and we spotted the bright green door, we knew it would be an unbelievable experience. Kristie has gone above and beyond to create a portal into Tolkien's world, and I couldn't recommend it anymore highly to those looking for a cozy, wondrous, beautiful escape. The immaculate attention to detail and thoughtfulness behind everything in and around the home was astounding. We will surely be back again. Thank you for the adventure!”
So there you have it.  If you are anywhere in the vicinity of Washington State or are planning a trip out there, make sure you check out The Hobbit Inn and enjoy the Tolkien adventure.  We’ve already added it to our bucket list! All Photo Credit: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/8794484?sug=51

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